North American Grouse Partnership -- U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service listed Lesser Prairie-Chicken under the Endangered Species Act.
28 Nov 2022

Consider one simple fact: Lesser prairie-chickens survive today ONLY because of caring private landowners who steward nearly all the remaining habitat. A resounding “Thank you!” to those landowners participating in voluntary conservation. If Americans are to save the last fragments of prairies and lesser prairie-chickens, these landowners and their neighbors deserve our support. 

The United Nations is 75. Happy Birthday!
14 Aug 2020

Everyone is invited to a United Nations survey! The UN observer with specific expertise for biodiversity, nature conservation and sustainable use is IUCN, so do visit our Naturalliance site too. In each case choose your language at top right.

Consider COVID-19 carefully
16 Jun 2020
Please think carefully about the threats to you and nature from COVID-19. Use only advice from trustworthy organisations on how you and your community can recognise and avoid this disease. Consider the different needs of rural people elsewhere. The virus survives in moist air and infects us through mouth, nose and eyes. Soap kills it. Therefore, important advice is to:
  • Practice Social Distancing--keep 6 ft. space between people;
  • Follow rules about travel and wear a mask if you can when around others; 
  • Sanitize surfaces people touch and of things you buy;
  • Wash your hands often with soap for 20 seconds, especially before touching mouth, nose, eyes or food.


Measures against future pandemics must also be devised wisely, based on the best science. New laws should avoid harm to rural livelihoods and to nature conservation.


You can visit the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for updates on coronavirus.